Zenfolio | José Luis Briz - Photography | Surviving Post-photography

Millions of images are uploaded to social networks every single minute (about one hundred thousand only to Flickr). They are mostly cellphone snapshots taken just to send messages like "I'm, or I was here" or "look at this incredible thingy thing" or "I got a new gadget." They fade as soon as they come, old useless stuff a few hours right after they are shot. Even those who define ourselves as photography lovers frantically share our images without any chance to watch them for more than a few seconds. We watch so many pictures that we can't see any of them. So mighty is this deluge of images that, apparently, it makes more sense to adopt/recycle/rework preexistent photographs to create/prescribe new meanings, than to add new pictures to the wild, unleashed stream. The value or quality depends now on the usage. We define this fact as post-photography, at least as long as we don't find any other better term, paraphrasing Joan Fontcuberta.

But the fact that millions of people are taking pictures at any given second doesn't mean that taking pictures has no value. Millions of people have sex every minute around the World,  and that doesn't mean that having sex is an irrelevant act. Other than that, we can have sex or we can make love, and there are subtle differences.

That said, contemplation requires a lofty perspective, a more ambitious vision, a position achieved by gathering thoughts, efforts, and experiences to discover old and new meanings. Otherwise we fall into narrow-mindedness, intolerance, provincialism, eventually a lack of mutual understanding.

That's one of the reasons why, as a society, we need Art. A life jacket for the Great Deluge of the Images.


José Luis Briz, Enero 2018