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Aesthetics of Rowing (10)

Aesthetics of Rowing (10)

They hide in the brook when I seek to draw nearer,
Laughing amain when I feign to depart;
Often I hear them, now faint and now clearer—
Innocent bold or so sweetly discreet.
Are they Nymphs of the Stream at their playing
Or but the brook I mistook for a voice?
Little care I; for, despite harsh Time’s flaying,
Brook voice or Nymph voice still makes me rejoice.

Ellis Parker Butler ( (1869-1937) The Water Nymphs

Remeras / Rowers: Esther Briz (cadete) y María del Carmen Ortiz (juvenil) x2 CF - Entrenamiento de técnica en la concentración de la Selección Española en Bañolas, preparando el Mundial de Remo Sub 23 y Juvenil 2016 en Rotterdam.